Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 Weird Things You Didn't Know About Tennessee

Here are some things you probably didn't know about the state of Tennessee:

Tennessee the Quirky

Tennessee is a vastly diverse state that has a little of something to offer everybody. From the urban streets of Memphis to the rolling country hills of Knoxville, people from all walks of life call this beautiful state "home". Even so, there are some weird and crazy facts that even the most loyal, die-hard Tennessee residents won't believe!

Death By Safe

Jack Daniels, distiller and founder of famous Tennessee Whiskey, was responsible for his own demise when he took his anger out on a safe and gave it the boot early one morning after having a hard time getting it to open. Unfortunately for him, the safe was stronger then he and led to an infection that began in his toe and eventually claimed his life. There are conflicting reports of this story, with one of Daniel's modern day biographers claiming this story is not true. But Tennessee claims is as a fact, so it continues to be accepted as a true story.
Tennessee Makes Whale Hunting Easy

Deer, birds, and other wild animals have nothing to fear when it comes to being stalked by a vehicle. Hunters are not allowed to hunt any animal from inside their car or truck, as this would give them an unfair advantage over their prey. Unless the animal being hunted is a whale. Yes, that's right. In Tennessee, whales are the only animals that it is perfectly legal to hunt from the comfort of your moving automobile!
Mountain Dew Originated As a Mixer for Hard Liquor

Apparently many places have tried to take responsibility for creating the liquid perfection in a bottle otherwise known as Mountain Dew, but according to the official website of the carbonated drink, the home of the extremely popular Pepsi brand drink is none other than Knoxville, TN. Brothers Barney and Ally Hartman created the first batch of the drink in the 1940's, had the name trademarked, and overtime, they perfected their formula, which is now the 6th largest name in the industry.
Handing Holds is Strictly Prohibited

Though this one is hard to believe, it is prohibited (if not enforced) by law for students to hold hands while on school property. Apparently the law was set in place to thwart other activities. Hand holding is considered to be a "gateway" into other, more consequential sexual activity, and is therefore not allowed.
Horse Thieves Punishable By Hanging

Even today, the law states that horse thieves can receive punishment in the most severe form - by hanging. It seems more than a little absurd now, but back when this law was created, a horse was not a luxury, it was a way to make a living for many people. Having a horse stolen was the equivalent to losing practically an entire year's worth of pay, which is why the punishment was determined to be so strict. 

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