Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How To Fix An AC Leak In Your Car

Air conditioning system failure is a common problem in many older automobiles. As an air conditioning system ages, systems can begin to lose pressure due to the failure of dried out gaskets or corroded metal. When the freon in the system leaks out, the air conditioning system will not be able to properly cool the air and eventually the system will stop working altogether.

Physical Inspection
When an air conditioning system begins to fail, the system should be physically inspected for problems. With the engine off and cool, a car owner should visually inspect all aspects of the system for problems. There are 3 major parts to an air conditioning system: the evaporator, the pulley driven compressor and the condenser which resembles a small radiator. These three major parts are connected by a series of metal tubes and hoses. All of these should be inspected for damage. Significant damage may indicate that the parts need to be replaced.

Leak Detection
If no serious physical damage is found, the system pressure should be checked with a pressure gauge and compared against the manufacturer's recommended system pressure. If the system is found to be low, then there is a leak in the system. Auto part stores sell numerous leak detection products that contain a dye that will mark the location of the leak. Once the leak detection dye has been added and the system has been allowed to operate, a UV light is used to find the location of the leak. Any UV light can be used, but small ones are made for this purpose that can be used in the tight spaces around the air conditioning system components.

Stop Leak
When the leak has been found, there are two primary ways of fixing it: mechanical repair or a stop leak product. Mechanical repairs are often time consuming and costly as after the part is replaced, the system pressure has to be brought to vacuum by specialized equipment to remove moisture. Stop leak products are much easier to use. These products are injected into the system and allowed to work internally. For example, BlueDevil's Red Angel AC Stop Leak is a stop leak product that will seal leaks due to damaged gaskets as well as leaks from corroded metal. When used according to manufacturer directions, stop leak products are safe to use and can result in significant time and financial savings.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Frequently Asked Dental Questions


How do dentists number teeth? 

The most widely used system for numbering teeth is the Universal Numbering System.

The number 1 tooth is located in the back-right side of your mouth on the upper jaw. The numbering continues on the upper jaw, from the right to left side, which is numbered 1 through 16. The numbering then continues by dropping down from the left side to number 17. Your teeth are then numbered from left to right on your bottom jaw, ending in 32. If you are missing your third molar, your teeth will be numbered starting with 2 instead of one, and If you are missing any other teeth, they will still be numbered. 

What material is used to fill a cavity?

Gold fillings are often seen as the best cavity solution. They do not harm the gums and can last up to 20 years. The downside of gold fillings is that they are expensive and can require many dental visits.

Amalgam fillings or silver fillings are used commonly because of their cheap price, and resistance to wear. They are more noticeable than other cavity treatment options which are why many people will only use them for their back teeth. 

Composite resins are widely used when people are looking for something that will match their natural tooth color. Unfortunately, composite resins do not last very long and can easily stain from coffee, tea, etc. 

To fill a root canal dentists typically use a rubbery material called gutta-percha. To fill the canal space, gutta-percha is heated and compressed to seal the walls of the root canal. With cement as an adhesive seals the canal space and prevents it from becoming infected once again. 

How do dentists attach braces?

Dentists cannot attach traditional braces but can apply ClearCorrect braces, which are used for patients who only need mild tooth correction. Your dentist will take impressions and x-rays of your teeth to find the perfect fit. You will be able to preview your projected results to give yourself an idea of what your future teeth will look like. After digitally mapping and molding your aligners, you will then be able to wear your braces.

What do dentists use to numb your mouth?

The most commonly used way to numb teeth is anesthesia, which is injected into a patient’s inner cheek or gums. The typical anesthetic that dentists use is called lidocaine. In addition to lidocaine, drugs such as vasoconstrictor as often used to narrow the blood vessels, making the numbness last longer. Sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride may be used as well to assist the numbing drug.

Numbing injections work in two ways. The first is a blockinjection which numbs a portion of your mouth, such as you one side of your upper jaw. The second option is an infiltration injection, which numbs a small area of your mouth where the injection was given.

Before injecting the numbing agent, your dentist will dry your mouth with a cotton ball or air. Your dentist will then apply a gel to numb the skin.

Next your dentist will inject the local anesthesia, which will give you a sting. This mild sting is not from the needle puncturing the skin, but from the anesthesia moving through the tissue. Once injected, the anesthesia will last several hours. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What Makes you a Candidate for Laser Spine Surgery?

Laser Spine Surgery
If you have pain in your back or legs when you stand or walk for an extended, you may be a candidate for laser spine surgery. Although, there is a lot more to it than that. Laser spine surgery can treat many conditions, some of which can be self-diagnosed by doing a little research, but most conditions will need to be examined by a doctor after clinical evaluation. If you are unsure whether the symptoms you are experiencing are severe enough for laser spine surgery, here is a list of injuries that may make you a candidate.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

What happens to trash at sea?

Everyone has read a story of someone marooned on a remote island somewhere in the ocean. They throw a bottle with a message into the water hoping it will float to a location where someone will read it and respond with a rescue.

That message in a bottle is subject to an unbelievable number of factors that determine if it will reach a destination, float aimlessly in circles for years, or sink to the bottom of the sea. The same fate happens to unwanted and discarded trash that is dumped into the ocean. Wether it's random, or deliberately dumped, ocean trash is a huge problem that threatens ecosystems and destroys the beauty of one of the earth's greatest resources. Eco-friendly vessels use marine compactors to compact waste and manage it before coming back to land. Unfortunately, not everyone on the seas takes such precautions.

Trash in the ocean becomes virtual “flotsam and jetsam” tossed around according to the ocean's warm and cool current behavior. A great deal of waste finds its way to the ocean floor, but an even greater amount stays afloat and collects in huge synthetic islands. There are floating, mobile trash islands in some of the world's oceans that are as big as some states! Prevailing conditions like currents and winds do little to direct trash to places that it can be managed. Special ocean-going equipment must be used to filter ocean trash from the water and deliver it to locations where it can be recycled, or disposed of completely.

These specialized marine vessels use elastic and metal filtration units that skim ocean water at the surface, or at varying depths. The filtration systems can collect items as small as cigarettes butts, or as large as discarded packing containers, and compact them for transport and processing. Most of the material that is collected is non-biodegradable and can be hauled to recycling plants near a vessel's dock of origin.

There are very few international laws on the books regulating the disposal of trash in ocean water, so these marine trash collection service boats provide a much needed service to the international community.

  • Image credit: By Gerry & Bonni (Trash on beach) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Best Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Westby, WI

Westby is a small town in Wisconsin with a population of around 2,200 people. Named after a local man who served his country during the Civil War and later established the first general store in town, the city has a charming look. You can walk down Main Street and feel completely at home as you shop for antiques and check out the local scene. While the town doesn't have any restaurants specifically devoted to vegetarian and vegan dishes, you will find a few restaurants that offer healthy and delicious meals for those who don't eat meat.

Make your first stop in town at Borgens Cafe, which is a locally owned restaurant that is popular among residents of Westby and neighboring towns. The restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you tuck into a plate of thick and fluffy Belgian waffles, you won't mind if those sitting nearby dine on bacon or sausage. Borgens Cafe has a full service soup and salad bar available for lunch and dinner guests. You'll find plenty of soups that don't feature meats on the bar. Make sure you stick around for dessert too. The restaurant offers homemade cookies, pies, muffins and even scones.

One of the best places to eat in town is the Westby House Inn & Restaurant, which also operates as a bed and breakfast. Its menu features some great dishes for those who don't eat meat. You can opt for the soup and salad combination that comes with homemade rolls that are fluffier and softer than any you had in the past. The Asian garden salad is another top choice. This salad features savoy cabbage, carrots and other large vegetables mixed with sliced almonds and topped with a slightly sweet and spicy dressing,

The Westby Central Express is something of a one stop shop for residents of this little community. It functions as a gas station, convenience store, motel and restaurant. While house specialties include fried cheese curds and other deep fried items, there are a few vegetarian and vegan friendly options on the menu like a vegetable omelet served with toast, bagels, large salads and even sundaes with homemade ice cream. If you eat fish, you'll find even more options on the menu.

Though Westby, WI doesn't have any specialized vegan or vegetarian restaurants, it is home to restaurants with some veggie dishes on the menu.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter Fun in Healdsburg, CA

There are number of fun winter things to do in Healdsburg, CA for everyone to enjoy. View our suggestions below!

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