Thursday, February 21, 2013

Batteries..Generators...Trailers...Oh My...

FEMA trailer (at left) alongside a Katrina-dam...
Welcome to hurricane season. I'm hoping for the best but I fear for the worst.There's a bit of a frightening thought about FEMA trailers and the problems they may be part cause of during evacuations.

There's no nice way to put this - NOLA (and many of it's just as badly hit surrounding areas) is 100% NOT ready for even a slight slap much less a hit from any sort hurricane this year. If there's even a lil' ol category 2 - the levees are pretty much useless and there's tons of as of yet collected debris, folks are still living in tents, houses with blue roofs and tin cans the gubment likes to call housing. Anyone seen the size of these things and the amount set on one site alone? Now, think about what happens during "forced"evacuation. Scary huh?

People who have had their lives ripped apart and are just now picking up the pieces are supposed to up and go whenever a storm even glances at the Gulf? Just leave all of what they have left behind - in a metal shed on wheels, and pick up the pieces later with a metal detector? Without some sort of fight or less than logical behavior taking place? Um...Yeah.

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