Monday, December 3, 2012

My Crazy Hat-Loving Cousin

pile of hats
I’ve got a cousin who loves wearing hats. Absolutely loves them. Somehow, he loves Longhorn football even more. This kid has quite an extensive hat collection. It’s pretty unbelievable. He’s got anything from stylish knit hats to eccentric party hats. He does have some athletic hats in his massive collection, but in my opinion, not as many as he ought to, given his huge obsession with football. So my other cousins and I got together and went to Longhorn Planet and browsed their collection of hats. They’ve got quite a bit to choose from! We picked out several and we plan to box them all up separately for Christmas. One of the first University of Texas hats we picked out was very classic style-wise. It’s unique in that it’s a special tribute to the Triple Conference. The UT primary logo is featured on the front of the hat and is beautifully embroidered. It’s made of wool ad acrylic and has an adjustable Velcro back strap. We know it’ll be a warm, durable, stylish addition to his collection. The second of the hats we picked out was very different from the first. This hat features a flat brim and a snapback enclosure instead of Velcro. The interior features a moisture-absorbing sweatband and is 100% cotton, so it’ll be perfect for occasions when he’s more active. It, like the other hat, also features the embroidered logo. The last of the hats we got him is very different from the first two. This hat is a one-fit hat called the “Gray Kicker”. Instead of the typical orange and white Longhorn colors, this hat is a warm gray that blends beautifully with the orange embroidered logo and some burgundy accents. It’s definitely the most unique and different of the three and we bet it’ll be his favorite. Since this was my idea, I’ll make sure this one is from me!

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