Monday, October 15, 2012

Pontoon Boats Know Where to

Seal of the United States Federal Communicatio...

As I was driving home from work today, I needed to find an alternate radio station, as my beloved go to station decided to shut down its AM signal at sunset, in accordance with FCC regulations. I remembered hearing something about the lefties having some new station/programming to combat the other side of talk radio, so I began working the tuner in search of the signal.

Eventually, I found it, and they were running through the day's headlines during an extended break from that time slot's program. The story I broke in on was of a newly-established wildlife refuge here in the state, the quote at the end of which went something like, "the glaciers did such marvelous work in this region 10,000 years ago, the least Minnesotans can do is to preserve it."

There was a brief station identification, followed by a block of ads, the first of which was a nature company, advertising how their products are great and green, and how you should use products to help out the environment. I think that's pretty smart advertising, it's almost like they knew exactly what would be talked about on the radio show. If I was selling boats, I would certainly want to appear on a radio station about boating and summer, immediately after they talk about the importance of owning a boat or being out on the water next summer.


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