Friday, July 13, 2012

Thanks PepsiCo!

New favorite snack food
New snack food (Photo credit: Telstar Logistics)

It’s no big secret that major snack food companies are in hot water for their role in contributing to the childhood obesity problem. Now, this is fair in a sense, but it’s also extremely unfair too; it is not really all their fault…someone is buying these unhealthy snacks for the children.

At any rate, due to their being under fire, snack food companies are actually trying to do something about it. Now, they are offering low-fat, sugar-free varieties of their products, and even, as far as PepsiCo goes, building playgrounds for children.

I think this is awesome, because in truth, they are doing much more than the parents who are buying the junk are at this point. If there was a collaboration at work, parents and the companies both doing something, maybe we’d actually be getting somewhere; add onto that the children actually exercising, rather than playing video games and we’d really go far!


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